1. The community fields

The organisation of community fields and their mechanisation enables the transition from subsistence farming to commercial farming, able to supply local markets and generate additional income. From the very beginning, around 16 hectares have been supervised by our certificated agriculturist and had access to a tractor for carrying out farming work.


2. Bee-keeping

A number of bee-keepers, the majority coffee growers, needed training and equipment to revive their unproductive hives, improve honey and coffee production and generate additional income. One of Comequi’s specialist volunteers works in this area which is directly linked to coffee growing.


For the future

The objective is to increase the professionalisation of growing food crops via the community fields and to increase the land assigned to them in order to reduce the workload for women.

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Projects for 2017–2019

Facts & Figures

A tractor and work equipment made available

16 hectares of land tilled and possibility of expansion

A boat available for transporting harvest

families assisted

50 bee-keepers trained and provided with the necessary equipment

30 hives established