Foundation of the ‘Ziwahouse’ guest house

COMEQUI’s supporters also funded the building of the ‘Ziwahouse’, a guest house in Minova which has become, since it was built in 2013, the nerve centre for economic, social and educational activities for the region.


It hosts COMEQUI’s members during their missions there and especially members of NGOs and local and international not-for-profits who organise sustainable development activities.


This guest house is proof of the desire to sustain the projects implemented so far and is fully managed by local staff.


The objective of COMEQUI is to spread the word about this guest house and to encourage and help new NGOs come to the Minova region, which has so much need for them.


Find out more on the ‘Ziwahouse’ website.


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Projects for 2017–2019

Facts & Figures

Opened in March 2013

8 rooms + 2 meeting room available

Managed by a local team of 6 people

16 different NGOs hosted in one year.

Our thanks to all our partners for their support

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