Kody is a humourist and comedian Belgium, of Congolese origin, whose parents were diplomats, born on Schaerbeek Brussels region 23 January 1978 . Trained to make people laugh, the future humourist showed off his verbal wits in the playground. After several improvisation workshops, he started studying business (and finished) then later returned to his first love. He then encountered the Kings of Comedy, who offered him the first act in the Alexis show ‘I rêve a dream’. In true American stand-up style, the contract was carried out with panache and Kody acted as the undisputed host of the Kings of Comedy shows, while preparing his own one-man show.

Kody has also made a home for himself on the radio, where every Sunday he hosts, along with other humourists from the Kings of Comedy and Jean-Jacques Brunin, the ‘Enfants de Chœur’ on the VivaCité radio station and on television through his appearances on the Grand Cactus sur La Deux, which attracted great attention.

A king of stand-up, Kody has a scathing way with words. He mixes charisma with cynicism with the precision of a surgeon and through talking about himself, his Congolese family, his professional experience, his day-to-day life which isn’t so day-to-day after all, he takes his audience into the world of glamorous humour.

In 2017, he agreed to become the sponsor of Comequi.


Kody Parrain


Our objective

Since it was founded in 2008 and regardless of the safety situation in the DR Congo at the time, COMEQUI ASBL has been working towards its objective of providing rural populations around Lake Kivu and especially in the Minova region, with the resources they need to carry out sustainable development activities, in order to increase their income and improve their living conditions.

Our resources

All projects managed by COMEQUI:

  • Aim to become autonomous and self-financing within 3 years.

  • Have their operating expenses paid entirely by its members, who are all volunteers.

Our actions

In order to achieve its objective, COMEQUI:

  • Works to improve coffee plantation production, by helping, supervising and training coffee growers

  • Encourages the creation of cooperatives to bring together stakeholders in the area

  • Works to promote agriculture that meets fair trade and organic standards.

  • Supports income-generating activities.

  • Invests in the social and educational training of local stakeholders (schools and rural associations)

Our projects

Support for coffee growers

This project is the starting point for the activities of Comequi ASBL (= fair trade): the coffee grower cooperative has over 1,400 members and a new modern washing station has been built…

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Support for farmers

The organisation of community fields and their mechanisation enables the transition from subsistence farming to commercial farming, able to supply local markets and generate additional income. From the very beginning, around 16 hectares have been supervised by our certificated agriculturist and had access to a tractor for carrying out farming work.

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Support for schools

The creation of school kitchen gardens creates a source of funding to improve school resources and is at the same time an ideal tool for teaching a range of subjects to pupils…

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Support for vulnerable women

Developing income-generating activities for vulnerable women is one of Comequi ASBL’s objectives.

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Support for Minova hospital

The aim is to create a long-term collaboration between hospital management and medical NGOs to support the training of local staff…

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‘Ziwahouse’ guest house

Comequi’s supporters funded the building of the ‘Ziwahouse’ to make it the nerve centre for developing economic, social and educational activities by hosting as many NGOs and local not-for-profits as possible.

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Our staff


volunteers with diverse professional experience in Belgium.


volunteers with diverse professional experience in Kivu.


permanent staff for the coffee.


seasonal staff for the coffee.


permanent staff for the ‘Ziwa house’.

Our thanks to all our partners for their support

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