Our objective

Since it was founded in 2008 and regardless of the safety situation in the DR Congo at the time, COMEQUI ASBL has been working towards its objective of providing rural populations around Lake Kivu and especially in the Minova region, with the resources they need to carry out sustainable development activities, in order to increase their income and improve their living conditions.

Our resources

All projects managed by COMEQUI:

  • Aim to become autonomous and self-financing within 3 years.

  • Have their operating expenses paid entirely by its members, who are all volunteers.

Our actions

In order to achieve its objective, COMEQUI:

  • Works to improve coffee plantation production, by helping, supervising and training coffee growers

  • Encourages the creation of cooperatives to bring together stakeholders in the area

  • Works to promote agriculture that meets fair trade and organic standards.

  • Supports income-generating activities.

  • Invests in the social and educational training of local stakeholders (schools and rural associations)

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We are a group of friends working in KIVU in the Great Lakes Region, all volunteers who use our wide range of professional experience to help the not-for-profit.

We know the area well from having lived there or carried out missions there over several weeks.

We pay all the costs relating to our positions. As such, COMEQUI has no operating expenses. Every Euro COMEQUI receives is used for the Kivu projects. You can count on our commitment and attention to detail.


We need to stress the total commitment of the Congolese staff who, despite the difficult conditions, are outstanding in how they get involved in the activities carried out and are able to, with limited resources, achieve amazing results.

The Board of Directors

Thierry Beauvois (Président)

Eric de Lamotte
Michèle Vrebosch
Marc Bouillot
Michel Verwilghen
Baudouin Peeters

Our members

Sylvie Beauvois
Marie-Françoise Geurts-Bouillot
Dominique Nève de Mévergnies
Gaëtan Nève de Mévergnies
Ariane van Doosselaere
Isabelle Verwilghen
Christian Vrebosch
Olivier de Wouters
Odile Amory
Martine de Neuville
Denis de Neuville
Agnès Doret
Catherine de Viron


For the coffee

A team of 15 permanent staff and many seasonal workers under Pépin Shabani, a certificated agriculturist, Déon Bujiriri Bihama, chairperson of the AMKA cooperative which has almost 1,400 members, and Adelard Palata, manager of the Kahawa Lutumba washing station.


A team of six staff under Sylvain Mutumbi work continuously to ensure that the guest house operates smoothly to host NGOs, local and international not-for-profits and visiting Belgian volunteers.

Our thanks to all our partners for their support

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